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Transformer Move-lgThis is a transformer move from a rail site in Sedalia, CO to Daniel’s Park Sub Station.

The load was approximately 157 ft. long, 20 ft.wide and 19 ft. high with a GVW of 432,000 lbs. The move took place over two nights with 18 people participating in various capacities. The transformer was unloaded using two 200 ton Hydraulic Cranes. The cranes set the transformer onto Duffy’s 250 ton Jack and Slide system. The Duffy crew then moved the transformer 200 ft. up a 4% grade to the foundation pad.

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Denver Art Museum-lgFor over a Century, Duffy Crane and Hauling’s crews have been an ever growing presence in the rocky mountain region providing services such as moving and setting equipment and components essential to our customer’s businesses from printing presses and lathes to priceless works of art.

In this photo, we are moving and setting some priceless artwork at the Denver Museum of Natural History.
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